Know Thy Heritage – KTH 2012
Visit to the Holy Land 2012

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Jordan (photos will be published once the material is received)
Amman – Orientation & Welcoming Mount Nebo Madaba and the American University of Madaba
Amman Tour Jordan Civil Society Interaction  


Bethlehem – Welcoming Ceremony

Bethlehem – Visit to Historical
& Sacred Sites

Bethlehem – Visit to Bethlehem University & Heritage Palestinian Center

Bethlehem – Visit to Aida Camp & Cultural Night

Hebron – Hebron Governor Meeting

Hebron – Walk in the Old City, Ibrahimi Mosque, Hebron University, Traditional Crafts

Jerusalem – Old City & Sacred Sites
Jerusalem – New City and Tour Around

Conference – Day 1, Day 2 and Cultural Night

Jerusalem (Abu Dies) – Abu Jihad Prisoners Center

Ramallah – Bank of Palestine, Paltel Group, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ramallah – Dabkeh "Cultural Dance"
Jaffa – Tour & Sacred Sites Haifa – Tour & Sacred Sites
Ako – Tour & Sacred Sites Narareth – Tour & Sacred Sites, Cultural Night & Farewell Party