• June 12-30, 2014
  • Delegates are responsible for round-trip airfare ($1580.00 USD)  with the group from Washington, D.C. (for North American Delegates) to Amman, Jordan. Delegates are also responsible for registration fees of $300 USD (NOTE:  Airfare is contingent upon airline-imposed fuel surcharges. Interested youth are encouraged to apply speedily to avoid increased fuel surcharges)
  • HCEF covers all other expenses
  • Delegates are required to volunteer to effectively promote, sustain and grow the KTH Program following their return from Palestine. This committment includes specific time contributions and participation in relevant events. 



  • Tour museums and cultural centers
  • Host and participate in folkloric and cultural nights.
  • Worship and explore the importance of Holy Places.
  • Visit the various cities of Palestine.
  • Host meetings with and attend lectures by political, religious, civic leaders and opinion makers within the Palestinian community.
  • Learn about various business and technological initiatives.
  • Visit Palestinian universities and youth centers.
  • Join various established youth activities, such as summer camps
  • Visit with local Palestinian families.
  • Engage in special events.
  • Have fun days while participants explore their country.



  • Youth will discover the nature and beauty of Palestine.
  • Youth will enjoy several days being immersed in the rich culture and heritage of Palestine.