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Awesome products and a good deed? q2 is waiting for you to help Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land.

Support our organization through q2, where Amazon will give back 0.5% of an individual’s purchase to HCEF at no extra cost to you!

We want you to make HCEF your favorite charity!

All you need to do is follow these two simple steps:

  • Buy from q2
    • First double check you are shopping on smile.amazon.com and not the regular Amazon website
    • Note that there is no need to create a new Amazon account if you already have one, your original login will work with q2
    • Before beginning your purchase, just type in “Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation” when asked for the charity of your choice and make sure to select our Bethesda, MD location.
  • Spread the word
    • Next, don’t forget to share your smiles on Facebook and Twitter, or forward this to a friend


HCEF looks forward to your shopping at q2, and are very grateful for your support!


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