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Patriarch Twal pushes for an end to hostilities throughout the Middle East

Christians in the Middle East are facing difficulties ranging from “bad” to “less bad,” said Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal of Jerusalem. While describing the condition of the Palestinians in the West Bank as “bad,” he

  • epa04833859 Iraqis walk past a house destroyed by an Iraqi airforce bombing in the Nairiyah district, eastern Baghdad, Iraq, 6 July 2015. According to Iraqi officials a plane belonging to the Iraqi airforce accidentally dropped a bomb on a part of Baghdad, due to a technial failure, killing at least seven.  EPA/ALI ABBAS

Patriarch Sako urges Pope Francis to visit Iraq

A visit by Pope Francis to the people of Iraq would give them desperately needed encouragement and strength, Chaldean Patriarch of Baghdad Louis Raphael I Sako said.

In an interview published on the Vatican Radio website,

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Assyrian Christians become the latest to back the YPG in Syria

The Syriac defense group active in Hasakah say their YPG allies should be left out of Turkish strikes. (AFP/File)A militia group of Assyrian Christians in Syria became the latest in a growing list of Turkey

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Renowned Arab Christians Who Contributed to Arab Islamic Civilization

Arab Christians made significant contributions in the areas of science, literature, medicine and more during the early Islamic era. We will be featuring some of these individuals who played an integral role in building the Arab Islamic Civilization, as published in an Arabic collection by the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies in Jordan.

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