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‘The unthinkable is real,’ author warns about persecutions of Middle East Christians

Growing unrest in the Middle East is causing great concern for the Christian community around the world, and author George J. Marlin is hoping to enlighten Western Christians on how seriously matters are progressing, as their brethren in the Middle East continue to undergo persecution. His latest book, Christian Persecutions in the Middle East: A 21st Century Tragedy, was published earlier this month by St. Augustine's Press, and details the rise of radical Islamism and its impact on Christians throughout the Middle East.

June 28th, 2015|
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Patriarch Sabbah: “To our people, do not be disturbed, do not heed the sedition”

Patriarch Emeritus of Jerusalem of the Latins Michel Sabbah said on Friday, June 26: "We are determined to keep on staying in our land. We fear nothing and we do not want protection from anybody.'' He made this statement in response to a statement issued by the Bait Al Maqdis (Jerusalem) Emirate of the Islamic State ''ISIS" which threatens to slaughter the Christians if they do not leave Jerusalem before Eid Al Fitr.

June 27th, 2015|
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Agreement between the State of Palestine and the Holy See: look to the future without forgetting the past

The following is a summary of the content of the Agreement between the Holy See and the State of Palestine, based on the text provided by L'Osservatore Romano.

The Agreement has a specific nature that takes into account the legal and political situations that surround the conflict, and the rules that have gradually built up over the centuries.

The Preamble, which refers to current international law, frames a series of key points: the self-determination of the Palestinian people; the objective of the two-state solution; the meaning, not only symbolic, of Jerusalem, in terms of its holy character for Jews, Christians and Muslims and its universal religious and cultural value as heritage for all humanity; and the Holy See's interests in the Holy Land.

June 27th, 2015|

Renowned Arab Christians Who Contributed to Arab Islamic Civilization

Arab Christians made significant contributions in the areas of science, literature, medicine and more during the early Islamic era. We will be featuring some of these individuals who played an integral role in building the Arab Islamic Civilization, as published in an Arabic collection by the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies in Jordan.

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