Experience the Holy Land in a New Way! 

Welcome My Dear Friends!

I invite you to be the guest of the  Church in the Holy Land and to be in communion with the Palestinian Christians of the Holy Land. Share in their reality and their joys, reflect and consider your opportunity to serve your Mother Church. There is no substitute for a real tangible experience. Come, see and enjoy! A pilgrimage is a great experience, but what it is most important is that we encourage a pilgrimage where you can meet, break bread and visit the home of one of the Living Stones, the children of the Bible. I await your visit!”

H.B. Patriarch Fouad Twal Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Chairman, HCEF Advisory Board

alt Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I eagerly invite you to come to the Holy Land and be the guest of the Jerusalem church and its congregations. The Arab Christians are the Living Stones of the Holy Land. They are the first believers in our Lord Jesus Christ, and they feel they are the forgotten faithful. Join us in Christian fellowship and solidarity in the Holy Land! Come with the HCEF Living Stones Pilgrimage. This program is a unique opportunity to share in the daily trials and joys of your brothers and sisters living in the Land of Christ and proclaiming His message. Come reflect on our shared faith as you visit our churches and homes.”

Right Rev. Munib A. Younan Bishop, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Palestine and Jordan, JerusalemPresident, The Lutheran World Federation Ecumenical Pilgrimage Flier

HCEF Pilgrimages are Unique!
A once-in-a-lifetime experience of spiritual enrichment… a chance for you and your parishioners to walk in the steps of our Lord… to share meals, worship, fellowship and prayer with Arab Christians in the Holy Land… Celebrate our faith with Palestinian Christians who struggle every day to stay in the land of their birth… Reflect on the significance of securing a Catholic presence in the land where Jesus Christ was born.

With this HCEF Living Stones Pilgrimage, you will be far more than a visitor to the Holy Land. Through our program, you will travel as a guest of the Church of Jerusalem – which means you will receive a warm welcome in all the Christian Churches in the Holy Land, and a firsthand perspective on lives and values of Christians in the Holy Land, and the unique challenges and opportunities they face.

Living Stones Pilgrimages will allow you to:
  1. Meet and break bread with the Arab Christians referred to in the Bible as “Living Stones”
  2. Delve deeply into your Christian heritage and build solidarity with Christians in the Holy Land
  3. Secure Christianity in the Holy Land for future generations
  4. Tailor your pilgrimage as your group needs
  5. Be guided every step of the way by a Christian guide fluent in English.

Truly, once-in-a-lifetime, a spiritual experience awaits. Through our Living Stones Pilgrimage Program, your life will change forever. Begin to plan your unforgettable journey to the Holy Land Living Stones Pilgrimage Testimonies: Unforgettable Spiritual Journey Experiences

Supporting the Local Christian Community In keeping with the foundation’s mission to utilize its resources for the benefit of the Christian community in the Holy Land, HCEF pilgrimages attempt to bring maximum economic benefit to local Christian Palestinian shopkeepers, travel agents, guides, and hotel operators Learn more about individual pilgrim experiences as well as how the Living Stones Pilgrimage Program continues to build bridges between Christians in the West and the Living Stones. Living Stones Pilgrimage Testimonies: Unforgettable Spiritual Journey Experiences Example of a day in the pilgrimage: “Today we will travel the path of Christ from the Mount of Olives and Gethsemane, into Jerusalem’s old city. We will travel the Via Dolorosa (the “Way of Pain”) to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where Jesus was crucified, buried, and raised from the dead.” Pilgrims at the birth place of our Lord in Bethlehem What Pilgrims Had To Say

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For more information please contact Andrew Griswold – Pilgrimage Manager Email: agriswold@hcef.org