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separation Wall

Our Lady Who Brings Down Walls : an icon of Christian resistance

BETHLEHEM – Graffiti painted along the Separation wall, charged with political and social messages, have always been a form of protest against Israel’s unjust measures. Near the Emmanuel Monastery in


EU Heads of Mission witness the continuous construction of the Separation Wall in the Cremisan Valley

BEIT JALA – On Thursday, May 26, 2016, European Union Heads of Mission in Jerusalem and Ramallah visited the area of Beir Onah near the Cremisan valley where they saw


Construction of Separation wall at Cremisan: “It is our history which they snatch from us to erase it”

PALESTINE – April 2016. While the bulldozers are busy in the Cremisan Valley and Beir Onah uprooting ancient olive trees to position the concrete sections of the separation wall, there


Latin Patriarchate condemns resumption of separation wall construction

PRESS RELEASE- On Monday morning, August 17, Israeli bulldozers arrived unannounced on private properties in Beir Ona, near the Cremisan Valley, to resume construction of the separation wall. The residents


Cremisan: bulldozers go into action

BETHLEHEM – Israeli bulldozers went into action at Beir Ona near Cremisan, for the construction of the Separation Wall. Many olive trees have been uprooted, as reported by the St.


Surprising about face of the Supreme Court of Israel: the green light to the construction of the “separation Wall” in the Cremisan Valley

The Supreme Court of Israel, with a pronouncement in many ways surprising, on Monday, July 7 gave the green light to the construction of the "separation Wall" between Israel and