“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Academic Freedom Now!

Support the International Campaign to Defend Palestinians’ Right to Education

Curfews, blockades and Israeli military roadblocks stop thousands of students and teachers from reaching their schools and universities. Students are regularly subjected to intimidation, violent assault and arrest by Israeli soldiers and settlers on their way to and from school and university.  Universities and schools have been closed down, raided and attacked by military order.

The systematic obstruction of Palestinian education in the West Bank and Gaza by the Israeli military occupation not only violates the human rights of individuals, it is an attack on the development of Palestinian society as a whole.  The Right to Education is based on the legal and moral authority of a host of international agreements relating to education and the protection and freedom of students and children. It is the responsibility of governments, organizations and ordinary people to defend the universal right to education and to demand its realization.

Visit the Right to Education Campaign website at https://right2edu.birzeit.edu or contact right2edu@birzeit.edu to find out how you can lend your support. 

The Right to Education Campaign was set up by a group of Palestinian academics at Birzeit University to reach out to academics, students and campaigners worldwide to support the right to education in Palestine. 

Right to Education Campaign
Public Relations Office
Birzeit University
Email: right2edu@birzeit.edu

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