“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

HCEF Solidarity Letter to Our Brothers and Sisters in the Holy Land

To Our Christian Bothers and Sisters in the Holy Land

November 1, 2000

To Our Christian Bothers and Sisters in the Holy Land

Greetings from your Christian brothers and sisters in the United States:

We send you greetings and love and express our solidarity with you.  Do not think that we have abandoned you.  We are working in our country on your behalf even though our government has looked away so as not to see your distress and suffering.   Be assured that we see the injustice of you suffering.  We understand the history of your persecution at the hands of your oppressors.  We fully understand the bias against your cause displayed by the American media.  We know about the indignities heaped upon you by your oppressors.  We grieve with you for your dead and suffer with you for your wounded

On your behalf in the United States, organizations are collecting money to send to you to buy supplies and food so that you can take care of your wounded and feed your hungry.    Supplies are being collected to send to you to help with your struggle.  Many Americans are working tirelessly to inform our politicians about the injustice you suffer and the horror that you see every day perpetrated by overwhelming military force.  Arab-Americans are a political force in this year’s presidential election and we hope that one of the outcomes of the election will be a change in American policies towards your plight as oppressed people.   In March of this year, we heard Pope John Paul II in Bethlehem when he urged us to not be afraid to preserve our Christian heritage and holy places in the very place where our Savior was born. 

The Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation works specifically to relieve your suffering.  All of our people send their greetings and pray for you so that you will remain safe during the present turmoil in the Holy Land.  We stand in solidarity with your cause.  We have collected money to support education of your children. We are selling products made by Christians in the Holy Land so that you will have jobs.  We are educating the American public about your plight and suffering.  More and more, Americans realize the harm that your oppressors have caused your people.  We will work tirelessly for your cause.  Recently, a conference was held in Washington, D.C. sponsored by HCEF.  Over 200 Americans attended and learned from Holy Land religious and lay leaders the trials that you have endured.  Americans who understand your situation are outraged by the persecution that you suffer each day.  The recent attacks on peaceful Christian communities in the Holy Land reinforces to these Americans that it is important to stand in solidarity with you, provide material support and work to change American policies toward the Holy Land. 

You are not the forgotten faithful!  You have friends in the United States, both Arab and non-Arab of all Christian denominations, who are working on your behalf.  Do not lose heart during this, the latest phase of the struggle. 

Yours in Christ,

Rateb Rabie, KHS
Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation
Washington, D.C.

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