“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Apeal from the people in Beit Sahour

We are very frustrated because the international media remains oblivious to our cause and continues to practice selective reporting. We hope that you will continue your help to convey to the world the scope of suffering of the Palestinian people

This is just a small brief on the overall situation in Beit Sahour, when going into the real details we cannot describe the real suffering of the Palestinian in writing.  Man must come and see for himself then he will believe that the Palestinians are also humans. 

Beit Sahour is a small town located east of Bethlehem with a population of 14,000 inhabitance in which 80% are Christians and 20% are Moslems.  In our small town the word prejidious does not exist at all, the word “human” is used.  Beit Sahour  the town of the Shepherds Field is a thriving town with many industries: Plastics, olive wood, clothing and mother of pearl.

Our little peaceful town  Beit Sahour is now under the threat of the Israeli vicious Bombing since the beginning of the Intifada in late September and is daily under the threat of  bombing.  The town had endured major suffering when directly and repeatedly subjected to Israeli sporadic and random bombardments.  Israel is showering our people with steel rubber coated bullets, live ammunitions, tear gas and dumdum bullets that are banned internationally.  The Israeli aggression has even gone further to use tanks, helicopters and anti-tank missiles against our Palestinian unarmed civilians, men women and especially children.

The main Israeli aggression comes from the Israeli Military Camp located east of Beit Sahour and from Jabal Abu Gname Settlement.   We call upon people who stand for peace and for justice to help us remove the Camp since it is proven that this camp has no security significance to anyone, there are no near by Israeli settlements; all of the settlers to the east are using Gosh It Zion road to Jerusalem.  If this camp is removed the direct military threat to the town will come hopefully to an end.  Neighborhoods overlooking the Israeli Military Base have lost all sense of safety and security, but nowadays no one has the sense of security where ever he is. The Israeli bombing is reaching every site in our town.  

The use of such weapons mentioned before reflects the Israeli position to escalate tension and proves their aggressive intention to thwart our Palestinian people determination towards struggling more and more to have our freedom.

The Israeli Aggression against our civilians not only brought about severe property damages but it is also leaving lasting negative effects on our children for many years to come.  Our people are traumatized at night as they lie in fear of the next Israeli barrage.  Many children have nightmares they wake up screaming for help.

The whole Palestine is under the Israeli siege, and announced as closed military zone.  No movement of people, goods or medicine is allowed in or out.  Our hospitals are full of injured people and the situation is deteriorating.  Our economy is mostly effected due to the siege,  people thriving to find work locally  to be able to support their families and to pay for their basic living needs. They are willing to do anything to get paid.

Beit Sahour  Municipality had recorded the following damages:

1- 276 houses were affected in which 10% are structurally damaged.
2- Many families are displaced either in rented houses or by relatives.
3- Electricity lines damages for many nights.
4- 60% of our people had lost their source of income due to the siege imposed.
5- Water pipes were destroyed.
6- The Municipality suffers 100 thousand dollars deficit. 
7- Up- rooting of trees and bulldozing of lands surrounding the Israeli Military camp.

As the people of Beit Sahour we are alarmed at the demonstrated aggression against a defenseless population.  We ask that you  join your voice to ours in achieving these demands:

1- No to the terrorization of our children
2- No to forcing us to leave our homes.
3- No to curtailing our development and expansion over our own lands.
4- No to bombarding our civilian population.
5- No to uprooting our trees.
6- No to controlling our natural resources.
7- No to the presence of a terror and horror military base in the heart of our residential areas.
8- No to living in fear and displacement. 
9- Yes for granting international protection to the Palestinians.
10- Yes to freedom and dignity.

We are very frustrated because the international media remains oblivious to our cause and continues to practice selective reporting.  We hope that you will continue your help to convey to the world the scope of suffering of the Palestinian people.  We still need for our voices to be heard all over the world and for the world to believe in our cause and our determination to live free.  We fear that the continuation of this situation would lead to mass immigration of our people who would seek a safer place to live in.  In Beit Sahour alone about 50 families are already immigrated.  We do not want this to continue.

Certainly we the Palestinian people have a right to our own homeland; we must not be deprived of the right to live in peace and freedom where our parents and their ancestors have lived for centuries before us.

We are confident of your tireless endeavors to alleviate the suffering of our Palestinian people and your endorsement to our national legitimate rights.

With our best regards and high esteem.

Fuad Kokaly
Mayor of Beit Sahour

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