“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

The Children’s Education Fund

altHCEF has supported Christian education in the Holy Land since its inception in 1998. Our programs have provided thousands of school children with the gift of a Christian education. HCEF offers the Children’s Education Fund as a means of mobilizing Christians worldwide in support of the Palestinian children, ensuring that Christian education remains a reality that is accessible to all in the Holy Land.

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The Children’s Education Fund (CEF)

The Children’s Education Fund (CEF) serves the neediest Christian families in the Holy Land by providing financial aid for children who wish to attend Christian schools. Upon the recommendation of local clergy in the Holy Land, HCEF uses the expertise of our professional social worker to screen needy families for eligibility. Donations to CEF cover either the full tuition costs of a child or partial tuition of several children according to their financial need. CEF ensures that no child will be barred from obtaining an education due to poverty.

In line with our ecumenical mission, HCEF works to support all Christian denominations in the Holy Land. Donations to CEF help support children who attend Latin (Catholic), Greek Orthodox, Franciscan, Melkite Catholic, Syrian Orthodox, and Lutheran schools. This ecumenical program helps preserve the Mother Church and Christian diversity in the Holy Land.


Why Do Christian Schools Need Our Help?

altThe Holy Land’s Christian Schools face a critical financial situation and are running large deficits. These deficits have continued to rise as Christian families suffering from high unemployment rates are unable to pay the tuition of their children. Schools remain open but are hard-pressed to cover operating costs, teacher’s salaries and maintenance.

Currently, the schools are subsidizing the tuition of Christian students whose families cannot pay. At present time this makes up the majority of students enrolled in school. The schools cannot continue to cover their large deficits and need our help. Thus in contributing to a child’s tuition you are not only helping the children, you are helping the schools as well.


Your Solidarity Matters

Your gift to CEF sends a message of hope and solidarity to Christian families in the Holy Land. By supporting Christian education, you are easing the financial burden of the poorest Christian families. The Children’s Education Fund program is ecumenical in nature and grants financial support to children of all Christian denominations. Therefore, your support will not only sustain Christianity in its birthplace, but will help us to move closer to our goal of Christian unity. Together we can create a change. We can provide the children of the Holy Land and their families with hope for the future. There are many ways for you to be involved in shaping a child’s future.

Enrich the roots of Christianity in the Holy Land and give the gift of education to a child through a donation of $300. Your generosity will cover the child’s full yearly cost. The options are as follows:

  1. altan annual donation-you are charged a single $300 charge. Make a Gift Here

  2. a  quarterly donation-you are charged  $75 every three months. Make a Gift Here

  3. a monthly donation-you are charged twelve equal payments of $25. Make a Gift Here

  4. a one time donation of any amount. Make a Gift Here

Gifts are accepted in the form of checks or credit card. There are two options for payments. You may choose to receive a monthly reminder to make your monthly, quarterly or annual donation. The second option is to accept the charges on a recurring basis that charges your credit card or bank account the indicated amount for a year. If you opt for the recurring basis on the annual donation, you will be charged $300 every year. This second option permits HCEF to dedicate more of its money and resources to helping the Christians in the Holy Land rather than on operational costs.

Still, you can use your skills and time to help the children of the Holy Land by volunteering in your very own city, country, or directly in the Holy Land. The nature of your volunteer work can be tailored to fit your interests and skill set. For more detailed information regarding your volunteer opportunities please call us a call at 301-951-9400 or email us at CEF@hcef.org.

HCEF will send you an annual general report on the children, schools and progress we have made thus far. The Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. HCEF does not sell or disclose our donor’s’addresses, phone numbers, or personal information.

Toll free number: 1-866-871-HCEF (4233)