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Damage Suffered by Bethlehem University Due to Israeli Gunfire

Damage Suffered by Bethlehem University Due to Israeli Gunfire Ocotber 23 to 26, 2001 Damage Suffered by Bethlehem University Due to Israeli Gunfire
October 23 to 26, 2001


  • Tank Grenade hit on roof: 2
  • Bullet Damage to stone work
  • Five Stained Glass Windows damaged in multiple locations
  • Tank Grenade hit on walls: 6
  • Hit by at least 110 bullets
  • Broken Windows: 6
  • Hole in TV Dish Antenna

Bethlehem Hall

  • Structural Damage to Bridge Water Tanks hit: 3
  • Water Tanks destroyed: 4
  • Solar Heating Panel destroyed: 2
  • Severe Damage to Midwifery Lab
  • Broken Windows: 13
  • Main Entrance Door hit by 15 bullets
  • Tank Grenade hits: 25
  • Decorative stone work damaged in many places

Main Building

  • Tank Grenade hits: 9
  • Broken Water Pipes: 3
  • Broken Windows: 12
  • Library Broken Windows: 6
  • Tank Grenade hits: 2
  • New Classroom and Office Building Broken Windows: 46
  • Faculty Lounge: Three Large Plate Glass Windows Destroyed
  • Water Storage Tanks: 8 with bullet holes
  • Solar Panels hit: 2
  • Water Boiler hit: 1
  • Ventilation System hit
  • Many Scars due to bullet hits
  • Tank Grenade hits: 11

Science Building

  • Internet Connection Wire severed in four places
  • power line cut Broken Windows: 13

Social and Cultural Center

  • Broken Windows: 28, including 3 1mx2m Plate Glass Panels
  • Cafeteria Window Frame destroyed
  • Tank Grenade hits, including Basketball Court, Amphitheater and Steps: 33
  • Broken Water Pipe: 1

Vehicle Damage

  • New Nissan Truck – Very serious damage due to hit by tank Grenade
  • Forino Truck – Bullet holes in windows

Contact to the Outside World:

  • With the destruction of the wires for the Internet connection the University lost a primary means of communication


Tank Grenade Hits: 86 Broken Windows: 129

As far as can be determined the Tank Grenades being used are 40mm low velocity fragmentation grenades designed to be lethal within a small radius.

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