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From the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University -A Statement on the Situation in Gaza

The Bethlehem University community is deeply saddened over the events of the past several days in Gaza – and we are especially concerned for the hundreds of our graduates and their families who live there. On 28 December Pope Benedict XVI called for an end to the violence in the Holy Land and asked the international community to do everything possible to help the Israelis and Palestinians find a solution to the current conflict.
Brother Robert Smith, FSC, PhD
News – HCEF

The extraordinary and disproportionate amount of bombing carried out by Israel and the vast number of innocent Palestinian dead and injured, not to mention the physical destruction wrought upon the already-oppressed people of Gaza, makes us cry to Heaven for an immediate ceasefire, that leads to a lasting peace built on justice.

Violence only begets violence, and no one wins. Such a cycle of conflict only brings deeper and more prolonged suffering to all those involved.

Our voices, and our prayers, join with Pope Benedict XVI and all people of good will who demand that this senseless violence end and that every effort be exhausted to resolve the underlying issues that led to this point.

The Bethlehem University community—Christians and Muslims—will gather together on 31 December 2008 to pray for the people of Gaza and for the wisdom and courage to bring forth justice that will lead to lasting peace.

Brother Robert Smith, FSC, PhD
Interim Vice Chancellor
31 December 2008

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