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JAI, YMCA, YWCA partners and friends’ responses to the attacks on Palestinians in Gaza and JAI Call

Below are the reported actions carried out by some of the JAI, East Jerusalem YMCA and YWCA of Palestine partners and friends in various countries in the world, in response to the JAI Call for Actions and attacks on Palestinians in Gaza.
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We further encourage our partners and friends to take further actions and report to us in order to share them and value the echo of our call.

The Israel Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (USA), issued a statement in which they condemned the Israeli massacre of Palestinians in Gaza, indiscriminate slaughter of hundreds of civilians, the wounding of thousands, and the destruction of homes, hospitals, schools, mosques and economic infrastructure.
The Network stands with the victims of this atrocious massacre and called for the support of an immediate cease-fire.
The Korean YMCA in Japan has translated the JAI Call for Action and sent them to YMCA members and staff all over Japan and Korea. They are going to have many protest actions and demonstrations in this weekend.

Lene Suh Nicolaisen – International Secretary – National Council of YMCA and YWCA in Denmark has issued a solidarity letter with the people of Gaza, understanding Israel responsibility for the disproportional escalation of the current situation. The YMCA and YWCA in Demark organized a Candle vigil prayer and is joining a letter with other NGOs to the Danish minister of foreign affairs urging him and the Danish government to work to end the injustices in Gaza within the framework of the EU.

Bergen ICY (Internationally Committed Youth), formed by the YMCA-YWCA of Norway, as they work to raise awareness about the situation in Gaza, participated at the demonstration for peace in Gaza in which several thousands marched in, and prayed for the civilians who are affected by the conflict.

Ingela Fredriksson – Chair of International Committee and Lisa Grotherus – International Secretary – YWCA-YMCA of Sweden, the international committee of the Swedish YWCA-YMCA strongly condemned the violence from the Israeli state leading to the large number of deaths and injuries of civilian people in the Gaza strip. It welcomed the announcements from the UN and the World Alliance of YMCA's concerning the need of an immediate stop of the violence which we hope will be realized in the near future. They expressed that we are in their thoughts.

Winchester YMCA, Michael Scott-Joynt, Bishop of Winchester, as President of Winchester YMCA invited people urgently for a prayer for peace in the Middle East on the 8th of January at the United Church.

Jacques Willemse, World Council of Churches Special Representative to Sudan, expressed from Nairobi his solidarity and understanding to the injustice Palestinians are subjected to, and wished his colleagues at the YMCA-YWCA the strength and wisdom.

Margaret Boden – Christians-Aid Ireland, reported that Christian Aid Ireland were on Radio on the 7th of January in Belfast to forward the JAI call for breaking the silence and taking actions, which they have also forwarded to many newspapers.

YWCA of Jordan invited people for a special vigil service to show solidarity with the people in Gaza. They encouraged people to light a candle.

Les Gibbons (UK), participant at the JAI Olive Picking Program 2008 invited people to join in on a candle vigil for Gaza. There was a silent tribute of 30 min to the victims of the war on Gaza. He encouraged people to bring poems, reflections, and candles.

Maria Fernanda, a Brazilian journalist and participant at the JAI Journey for Justice Program 2007, is getting in touch with people living in Gaza in order to report their stories and experiences for a Brazilian news website. She believes that this would be an effort to show Brazilian readers what the situation is really like as Brazilian media in most cases portrays the Israeli side of the story.

The YWCA and YMCA in East Jerusalem organized and invited people to come for a vigil service to show their solidarity with their brothers and sisters in Gaza.

Karl Dallas (UK), participant at the JAI Olive Picking Program 2008, joined a demonstration in Bradford, UK, where over 3000 people participated. He has also signed a letter that has been circulating around in his community to be sent to Barack Obama to ask him to put the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on top of his foreign policy lists of issues.

Helga Serrano – YMCA in Ecuador, is preparing a general statement to be sent out about what is happening in Gaza. She also translated a statement made by the Joint Advocacy Initiative from English to Spanish so that the statement can be sent out to other Latin American countries.

Scott Weatherstone (UK), participant at the JAI Olive Picking Program 2008, joined a demonstration in Edinburgh to protest against the war crimes being done by Israel in Gaza. He also encouraged people to join other demonstrations around in the UK by making a list of the time and place of the demonstrations.

Kristel – the JAI Olive Tree Campaign coalition in Holland has joined and reported on demonstrations, marches and protests in Holland to show support for Gaza. She has forwarded pictures and information. She has also encouraged people to take actions and sign petitions.

Joop Hoekstra (Netherlands), participant at the JAI Olive Picking Program 2008, reported that over 100 people had joined in on a demonstration in Groningen to show their support for Gaza.

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