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Israel Continues Deporting Jerusalem Christians

Yusef Daher
Executive Secretary
Jerusalem Inter-Church Centre – JIC
Yesterday fifteen people were stranded at Alenby/King Hussein bridge on the River Jordan, where at the end, four of them were sent back to Jerusalem, to the Ministry of Interior just to tell them; You are no more eligible to live in Jerusalem… your city, where you were born and lived all these years, where your grand fathers were, because today we have no space for you… Jews are coming from every where and they need your space. The family of 4 , a father , two sons and one daughter were given a travel document for one time use , for one way direction… out of Jerusalem, out of Palestine.

Unlawfully, Israel does what it does. In this particular case the sons and daughter are still studying in the United States, and the family holds temporary green cards, which means that the decision to revoke their residency is not even right according to Israeli “laws of entry”. After 1967 military occupation of East Jerusalem, Israel gave the Palestinians in Jerusalem who where present after the war “permanent residency status” and considered them Jordanians!!! In order to get its demographical aims in having a majority of Jews in the city, Israel and after its illegal annexation of the city, started to implement policies where any Jerusalemite who leaves the city for 7 years or who has residency status in another country , loses his status in Jerusalem and can visit his/ her city only as a tourist!!! This included Jerusalemites who live outside municipal boundaries in Bethlehem or Ramllah even.

Palestinian Christians of Jerusalem are estimated at 9000 and even less, but surely today they are less by four more.

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