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Jerusalem churches exchange Easter greetings

His Beatitude Fouad Twal, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, visited the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in union with heads of other churches to present Easter greetings to Patriarch Theophilos III on Tuesday, April 26th.

The Catholics and Orthodox in Jerusalem celebrated Easter Sunday together, the dates for Easter have coincided on the same day this year. Catholics of different rites, Orthodox, Anglicans and Lutherans have to exchanged warm greetings.

In his message, the Latin Patriarch highlighted the “happy astronomical coincidence,” and said that one of the proposals of the Synod for the Middle East was to work at unifying the date of Easter as a step towards full communion.

He also called for greater collaboration to ensure that Jerusalem be open to all during the holidays, and that projects of building houses for Christians continue.

On Wednesday, April 28th, representatives of the Armenian Church unable to join the different churches in the exchange of Easter greetings, visited the Latin Patriarchate.  Then, leaders and representatives of Christian churches went in procession to the Apostolic See of Saint James to present their wishes to the Armenian Patriarch, His Beatitude Torkom Manoogian II.

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