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Know Thy Heritage Internship Placement Program

Work to Learn & Give in Palestine!
Program Benefits
Who can participate?
How to Apply
INTRODUCTION: The Know Thy Heritage internship placement program grew out of the Know Thy Heritage Leadership Program to Explore & Live Palestine, which was launched in July of 2011. The Internship Placement program places qualified diaspora Palestinians in select training positions with dynamic businesses and institutions in Palestine, allowing them to pursue their professional interests and contribute to their nation while building their social, economic, cultural and linguistic understanding of Palestine.  This program builds on the momentum of the KTH summer journey. It is open to youth who have previously joined a KTH Delegation and want to remain connected by returning there, as well as other Palestinians who would like to work in Palestine.
MISSION: To empower Palestinian professional leaders in the diaspora to WORK in Palestine for their professional enrichment, and LEARN to GIVE back to Palestine.
• Interns will learn Palestine’s economic environment, political landscape, social structures and conditions, through professional training and hands-on experience in the business and non-governmental (NGO) sectors
• Interns will give back their skills, talent, passion and energy to their homeland
• Host institutions will benefit from the unique gifts of new team members
• Host institutions will fulfill the corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals for the Palestinians in Diaspora
• Reinforce the bonds of national heritage that link  Palestinians everywhere
• Be part of institutional capacity-building for the future state of Palestine
Host companies and institutions including leaders in the business, financial, IT, and non-governmental sectors will provide:
• Meaningful experience
• Cultural & social activities
• Arabic language exposure
• One-on-one mentorship
• Professional references
• Various other benefits
HCEF offices in Bethlehem, Palestine and Bethesda, USA, will work closely with host businesses & institutions as well as applicants to
*RECRUIT applicants*
*ANALYZE the needs and capacities of intern applicants and host businesses and institutions*
*NOMINATE qualified individuals to specific posts matching their abilities and interests*
*ADVISE and GUIDE interns through their travel preparations*
*IMPLEMENT guidance to obtain a quality training experience*
*SERVE AS A RESOURCE throughout internships for counseling, travel advice, personal and professional development, and other enriching opportunities*
• Interns receive practical training in their field of interest
• Interns experience Palestinian cultural immersion
• Companies & institutions are presented with qualified, carefully selected interns meeting their requirements
• Companies & institutions benefit from energetic, creative and highly motivated new team members
• Companies & institutions enhance public relations internationally, especially with diaspora Palestinians
Applicants MUST
• Be at least 18 years of age
• Have at least one Palestinian parent
• Be available for a minimum of 10 weeks
• Be able to cover travel expenses
• Be prepared to work at least 40 hours/week
• Agree and adhere to all rules and requirements of the host institution
• Demonstrate commitment to the “Know Thy Heritage” program and to the future wellbeing of Palestine
Applicants will preferably meet these additional requirements
• Have a degree from OR be enrolled in an institution of higher education
• Have professional experience in, have completed coursework in or have a declared major/minor relevant to the position
There is a non-refundable screening fee of $50. Upon successful placement in a specific position, an additional $50 placement fee will be required.
1.) Click HERE to download a blank application.
2.) Complete your application on the computer, being sure to print and sign the final page.
3.) Submit your application, along with your cover letter by any one of the 3 methods.
(a.) as an e-mail attachement to kthinternships@hcef.org.
(b.) by facsimile at (301) 951 9402
(c.) by mail to
The KTH Internship Placement Program
The Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation
6935 Wisconsin Ave. Suite 518
Bethesda, MD 20815
The “KNOW THY HERITAGE Internship Placement Program; Work to Learn & Give in Palestine” will be managed by HCEF’s Bethlehem and USA offices.
For more information on this program, contact
Chiara Cardone, Program Coordinator for Know Thy Heritage & Children’s Peace Project, Bethesda, MD, United States, Offices at ccardone@hcef.org or (301) 951-9400 ext. 210
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