“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

2012 Easter Appeal Message

Dear Friend of the Holy Land,

“He is Risen!” Jesus rose from the dead to proclaim to us, His people, our oneness with God.
“He is Risen!” Mary Magdalene spoke those words to Peter and John awakening the world to a new day.
“He is Risen!” And the land Jesus left is torn and His children leaving.

“You are called!”

  • To share ‘God’s everlasting love…’ with the Christians in the Holy Land- our brothers and sisters who love Jesus as do we.
  • To stand with our brothers and sisters, the old and the young, during this holiest of seasons and throughout the year.

The Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF) seeks to answer that ‘call’ to love with God’s everlasting love and to stand with our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land on a daily basis, and we NEED your support!

Our aim is to make living safer, healthier and more productive for all Christians in the Holy Land. Working closely with the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem (LPJ), its residents, its schools, health centers and child agencies, for over 14 years HCEF has led a people to people campaign to secure a safe place in the Holy Land for every Christian who wants to live a productive and dignified life.

There is no “season” for justice. Justice and Dignity are timeless gifts given to the faithful of all religions through the death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus.

HCEF stands singularly for the Christian person and the quality of their everyday life. Through providing the basic necessities to men and women, HCEF has helped sustain the Christian presence and the Christian faith in the Holy Land. Every day, HCEF touches a person’s life.

Your support in standing with us is invaluable as we seek to achieve these goals and ‘replace despair with hope, fear with security and humiliation with human dignity.’ Through your support of HCEF, you too touch the lives of the Bible’s ‘Living Stones’.  HCEF continues to prove the wisdom “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does!” (William James)

In 2011, HCEF inaugurated a ground breaking effort to lift the Christians out of unemployment and financial instability. Thanks to support from you and other conscientious people, HCEF has maintained its established programs and launched numerous efforts to stimulate investment and business development all over the Holy Land.   HCEF has been able to provide opportunity for improvement by providing the necessary skills!

HCEF sponsors schools and assists in securing housing rehabilitation loans! HCEF created 100 new jobs with the creation of the HCEF/REACH Call Center, the first ‘Call Center” in Bethlehem.  The HCEF Inn, which now employs 15 people, provides a place of respite for pilgrims to the Holy Land.

This year, HCEF will unveil ‘Maranatha!’ an International Ecumenical Prayer for Peace Movement! On August 18, 2012, followers of all faith traditions will assemble in Bethlehem to begin a three day Novena for Peace in which pilgrims will meet to reflect on, dialogue about and pray for Jesus’s intervention for world-wide PEACE. Bethlehem is the ideal location for this ecumenical call for Peace. You are invited to stand and join with us in Bethlehem for this dynamic event.  “Maranatha!” is outlined on the HCEF website: www.hcef.org.

The financial support received from you and others enables HCEF to fulfill its ‘call’ to provide services and opportunities for Holy Land Christians, through our effective and established programs for Housing, Job Creation, Employment and Education!

Today ‘You are Called’ to celebrate the Holy Land by supporting the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation’s tireless efforts. We, His children now are called to support the restoration of dignity to the lives of His followers remaining in the Holy Land. May we count on you?

We need your support! Thank you for your help in supporting the Holy Land Christians

“The willingness to share does not make one charitable, it makes one free!” (Robert Brault)

God bless,
Rateb Rabie, KCHS

PS.  Remember all those for whom He died by a contribution to improve the lives of those Christians remaining the Holy Land.

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