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Housing Rehabilitation Program

The Housing Rehabilitation Program (HRP), established in 2004, was developed by HCEF to provide suitable housing for needy Christian families in the Holy Land through the renovation of existing, but substandard homes.  The program provides employment for hard-pressed Christian craftsmen and laborers.  Most of the homes that HCEF upgraded had not received any type of repair in more than 30 years.

The actual number of renovated houses by area includes: Bethlehem, Beit Jala and Beit Sahour are as following:


Housing Rehabilitation Program (HRP)
Achievements 2004-2014

Renovated 426 Homes

Created 497 Job Opportunities

Generated Income for 2310 Family Members

Changed the life of 2177 Family Members

Created 18519 Working Opportunities




HRP Objectives

“We are a family which consists of 5 members living in the old city of Bethlehem; we were suffering a lot from the unhealthy conditions in kitchen and bedroom, my three children were always sick and feel depressed and sad since they always dream to have a clean and healthy kitchen and bedroom like other children, we are so thankful for HCEF since you achieved that dream for my family.” DEIK’s family.

CLICK HERE to view photos and quotes from families who have benefitted from the Housing Rehabilitation Program

YES, I will help to improve living conditions for Christians in the Holy Land by supporting the HRP!

“I am a woman who is separated from my husband, I have 4 children. As a wife and a mother, this is the first time that I feel really that I own a real kitchen in my house to cook warm food for my family, what I had the last 25 years was not even the basics needed in any house. You really changed my life and encouraged me to look in optimistic view for my future.” BAHNAN’s Family


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