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HCEF Establishes New Committees in Central America: Diaspora Palestinians in El Salvador and Honduras Reconnect with Their Palestinian Roots!

During their visit to Central America, August 16 through 26, 2012, Sir Rateb Rabie, KCHS HCEF President/CEO, and HCEF Public Relations Manager Lady Rocio Rabie, LHS introduced the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF) and its programs to Diaspora Palestinians in Central America, who were already eager to be connected with and part of a stronger link to their brothers and sisters in Diaspora around the world and in Palestine. As a result, HCEF support committees were established in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and San Salvador, El Salvador.

Palestinians have been in diaspora in Central America for more than 100 years. Within their respective countries, they are model citizens—successful, influential persons who hold high positions in politics and business. Their passion and commitment to their roots and faith still burns brightly as they express their excitement about being part of the committees and effectively supporting developments of the Palestinian people and Palestinian territories through their participation with HCEF.

Mrs. Rocio Rabie gave outstanding presentations, sharing how those in the men, women and youth, all within their respective organizations, industries and spheres of influence, can strengthen their connection with their roots through business and investment in Palestine, youth participation in the Know Thy Heritage Leadership Program (KTH) and participation other HCEF programs.

“Our Diaspora in Central America were anxious and open for this connection,” said Sir Rateb Rabie, “HCEF provides an established, effective vehicle and perpetual link in which they can join their efforts, lend their support and stay informed of developments as they pertain to education, relations, business, development and other important sectors in Palestine.”

The committee in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, includes committee chair Elias Kharoufeh, Ibrahim Musleh, Ramses Kawas, Selim Bishara Canahuati and Antonio Saybe.  

The Committee in San Salvador, El Salvador includes, committee chair Victor Miguel Silhy, Randa Hasfura, Miguel Nasser, Suhair Barake, Afife Khoury, Karla Hafsura and Siman Khoury, and Randa Hasfura will be the representative in Central America for the HCEF Know Thy Heritage Leadership Program (KTH).

The two committees will work together in support of their brothers and sisters in Palestine and HCEF by taking these immediate steps:

  1. Sending a delegation of business persons to the 14th International Conference: 3rd Business, Investment and ICT Conference, in Washington, DC, November 9-11, 2012.
  2. Palestinian Youth in Diaspora in Central America will join and actively participate in the Know thy Heritage Leadership Program (KTH) being organized for 2013.
  3. Organizing a delegation to participate in a Living Stones Pilgrimage (LSP) during the summer of 2013. The LSP delegation will consist of Community leaders, business people, youth and their families.
  4. Provide support the Housing Rehabilitation Program (HRP) in which HCEF helps to repair and renovates homes.

In order to achieve their goals, the two committees will coordinate in organizing fundraising events, hosting local conferences, cultural events and other activities.

This is the first of other exciting steps in linking Palestinians around the world together!

Bienvenidos! HCEF welcomes our friends in San Pedro Sula and San Salvador!

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