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Palestinian IT Sector at a Glance

14th International Conference:
3rd Business, Investment & ICT Conference

‘Continuing Our Commitment to Peace, Prosperity & Dialogue’

Palestinian IT Sector at a Glance


High growth in local IT market, regional markets, and targeted European and American markets- 

  • Local IT market growing by 25%, to 5% of Palestinian GDP
  • Regional IT markets forecasted to grow to $30B by 2025
  • 300+ million Arab consumers in MENA
  • European and American markets potential under development



Growing local and export opportunities-

  • 90%+ of Palestinian households with mobile phones, and 142k DSL subscribers
  • Increased Export Sales for outsourcing services
  • Growing BPO/ITO markets in MENA, and globally
  • Growing digital Arabic industry
  • Multinationals recently are investing in the IT sector in Palestine



Growing IT penetration in Palestinian society is driving increase in IT skills and education-

  • 10,000+ persons employed in IT related jobs 
  • 3,500+ persons directly employed in the IT sector
  • Advanced education system and reliable supply of high quality graduates, with 10,500+ students in the IT field
  • English and Arabic language proficiency
  • IT related income is significantly higher than average income, which is driving size of Palestinian IT community
  • Local IT companies grew by 45% during the period of 2006-2010 to 300+
  • Strong project management and team lead skills
  • Representative skills:
    • Development technologies- Java, JavaScript, JSP/J2EE, XML, Visual Basic
    • Databases- Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL
    • Operating Systems- Windows, Unix, Linux, Solaris, AIX
    • Mobile Applications

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