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We’ve Chosen the President, Now What for Mid-East Peace?


DR. James Zogby
President, Arab American Institute (AAI)
Dr. Asad Abdul Rahman
Member of the PLO & Chairman  Palestinian International Institute
Mr. Saba L. Shami
Principal, Washington Works, LLC


We've Chosen the President, Now What for Mid-East Peace?


It's common knowledge that U.S. presidents have played key roles in Middle East affairs. Likewise, Middle East affairs have played a central role in presidential politics but we all know how different the situation in the Middle East is following the 2008 election of Obama. As Arab societies and leadership bodies try out different strategies and ideologies, the next U.S. President will be presented with a prime opportunity to play a history making role.


Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 4:30 pm at the National 4H Conference Center located at 7100 Connecticut Avenue, a panel discussion entitled "The U.S. Presidential Election Results: Implications and Prospects for Peace in the Middle East" will include expert speakers Dr. James Zogby, Founder and President of the Arab American Institute, which serves as the political and policy research arm of the Arab American community, and Dr. Asad Abdul Rahman, member of the executive committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and Chairman of the Palestinian International Institute, the first Palestinian NGO to specialize in gathering and providing research on worldwide Palestinian communities. Mr. Saba L. Shami, Principal Washington Works, LLC and experienced governmental relations professional, will moderate the discussion.  Click here for a complete list of speakers' biographies.  


Rateb Rabie, KHCS, HCEF President and CEO believes the need for analysis is very important. "We are constantly researching the situation in the Middle East, especially the Holy Land, and we act according to the information we have, but it is not often that such an impressive collection of leaders and analysts meet in Washington to predict what we'll be working with. The air is just crackling with anticipation and we're blessed to have these experts on hand."


During the October 22nd Presidential debates on foreign policy, a great deal of time was spent discussing the region, and clearly the object was to prove viability of leadership through a better strategy and understanding of the Middle East. War or peace in the region will not only affect political discussions here at home but it also affects daily life.   


Our panel of experts on Middle East and American politics will give us critical insights on what is to come, regarding U.S. foreign policy and the implications for Middle East peace. How should your five-point plan look?


To learn more about what steps to take for these next four years, reserve your seat at our 14th International Conference discussion on "The U.S. Presidential Election Results: Implications and Prospects for Peace in the Middle East." Click here for our complete conference program.    



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