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Archbishop Atallah Hanna Appeal for the Release of Kidnapped Bishops From Aleppo

altJerusalem – Archbishop Atallah Hanna Sebastia, Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem, appealed to all people to work as soon as possible in order to release the two bishops, Bishop Paul Yazigi archdiocese Aleppo Greek Orthodox Church and Bishop John Ibrahim archdiocese Aleppo for Syrian Orthodox.


Archbishop Atallah Hanna said that the two bishops are known for their humanitarian work, and their leading role in the convergence, inter-religious dialogue, and work in maintaining and strengthening national unity, both Islamic and Christian. 

Archbishop Atallah Hanna added that the two bishops have leading positions in the defense of Palestine, Jerusalem, and its holy sites. We are in Jerusalem praying, hoping, and demanding that they will be released today and not tomorrow, especially since our Orthodox church is preparing to celebrate Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and the Easter holiday. These bishops deserve all respect and appreciation, and the right to be treated humanely.


Therefore, we wish that they will be released in order to continue their social, spiritual, and human mission. 

His Excellency asked all the churches of Jerusalem to pray in in order to release these two bishops to return back to their historic Diocese in Aleppo.


We are united in thoughts and prayers with Bishop Paul and Bishop John in this difficult circumstance. Our hearts are always with them and we hope, God willing, to hear good news about them. 


Archbishop Atallah Hanna

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