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SAID T. KHOURY Chairman and President Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) To Receive HCEF Palestinian Diaspora Award

altThe Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation presents the Palestinian Diaspora Award to Diaspora Palestinian Said T. Khoury, Chairman and President, Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), Athens, Greece.

This award is given to individuals who have sustained commitment to revitalize the Palestinian essence with its cultural heritage, core values, current needs, and future aspirations, and sustained commitment to being a sturdy bridge of solidarity with and support to Palestinians in Palestine, the Holy Land, and beyond.

Said Tawfiq Khoury is the co-founder and the chairman of the board of directors of the Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC). Consolidated Contractors Company is the largest construction company in the Middle East. In the true humanitarian spirit, Mr. Khoury, well known for his business acumen, passion and support of the Palestinian cause, has extended his success to not only the people of Palestine, but its economy and infrastructure. Throughout his life he has provided support – financial and moral – to help Palestinians at large and in diaspora.

He has supported many charitable organizations, helped needy families, supported hospitals, institutions, and schools! His mark is indelible, as his fingerprint is in almost every program and initiative created to support Palestine and the Palestinians. Including the latest great initiative, The Bethlehem Development Initiative (BDI), a project intended to restore and rebuild Bethlehem. The BDI is another testament of the many noble deeds Mr. Khoury has undertaken for the benefit of his homeland and his people. 

“Unselfishly, Mr. Khoury has made his success, the success of Palestine! Along with all of his many other efforts, and through his company CCC, Mr. Khoury has been most instrumental in partnering with HCEF to create diaspora programs to support Palestinian youth, specifically the HCEF Know Thy Heritage (KTH) Leadership Program to Visit and Live Palestine!,” said Sir Rateb Rabie, KCHS, HCEF’s President and CEO.

His shining example is an inspiration! To date, more than 110 Palestinian Youth in Diaspora from around the world have participated in the KTH program, have benefitted from this support, and have been inspired to commit themselves to giving back to Palestine -their home, rich in culture and heritage! There will always be a brighter glimpse of hope and peace as long as there are men like Mr. Said Khoury and his family who give of themselves and demonstrate their passion and compassion to help rebuild Palestine and support its future.

As an outstanding Palestinian, Mr. Khoury will be the second recipient of the 2013 HCEF Palestinian Diaspora Award on Friday, October 18, 2013, at the Annual HCEF Awards Banquet held in conjunction with the 15th International Conference, which will be held Saturday, October 19, 2013. Both events will be held at the Washington Marriott, 1221 22nd Street, NW Washington, DC.

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