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Russian-Palestinian Orthodox Association Delivers Medical Aid to Children’s Hospital

altDamascus – The Russian-Palestinian Orthodox Association delivered on Saturday medical aid to the Children’s Hospital in Damascus.

Co-Chair of the Russian Committee to Support the Syrian people Oleg Fomin said this batch of medical aid is presented by the Russian people to Syria’s health sector which was affected by the unjust economic sanctions.

“It is a humanitarian duty that we stand in support of Syria in its war against terrorism to protect co-existence and tolerance for which Syria has been known for centuries,” he said.

Fomin hailed the heroism of the Syrian Arab Army and the victories achieved recently.

For his part, Minister of Higher Education, Mohammad Yehya Moalla, lauded the efforts exerted by the Russian civil institutions to support the Syrian people to overcome the crisis, highlighting the Russian contributions to the higher education in Syria as 30% of Syria’s university professors graduated from Russian universities and over 100 Syrian students were granted scholarships at Russian universities this year.

Minister of Social Affairs, Kinda al-Shammat, noted that the Russian side will provide milk for children after other international sides rejected because of the unjust economic sanctions, in addition to increasing the amount of medicines for children.

Representative of the Russian Orthodox Patriarchate, Father Yafrim, pointed out that the Russian assistance to Syria reached USD 3 million.


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