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Drafting Christians in the Army: Israeli Propaganda Taking Revenge

It seems that the Israelis have the feeling that things are getting out of their control.

Inside: the Palestinian flag flying in the middle of Haifa and Yaffa as well as many other cities and villages every week… The Bab El Shams village built in one day for one day over occupied East Jerusalem lands that Israel had other plans for.

In addition, thumbs down on “Prawer” Bedouin displacement plan due to the determination of civil society and political and popular fronts and movements that took it to the streets of the Negev to say NO for this plan of land confiscation and “remuneration” of loyal Bedouins in the Israeli army!!!

From the outside: an EU resolution framing and practically setting the limits for Israel economy of the Illegal settlements. Another question, quite different, is the seemingly indefinitely delayed agreement with the Vatican, as result of various historical and political implications.

Israeli Reactions are:

It seems that all these measures have angered the Israeli leadership and made them open new fronts to deviate public attention and to keep the inside and the outside busy with less important issues.

To divide the Arab community “inside”, by insisting on the drafting of Arab Christians. Make the inside busy with a new split within the society through activating some of the conscious or unconscious collaborators. It started with some meetings to invite Palestinians living inside Israel to join the army and civil service.

The first to be targeted were few young people, who feel lost in Israel without a definite identity. Then, with seemingly one lonely clergy, who decided to engage into politics, and advanced on this theme of the drafting of Christians in the Israeli army. The Israeli authorities jumped on the occasion for their own benefit of diverting attention, under the cover of giving a hand to Christians. They gave the single man a “big” importance, by an “abnormal” meeting between him, Fr. Naddaf, and Prime Minister Netanyahu”. 

Palestinian Christian and Church leaders reacted and said their clear word with condemning directives in the matter.

If the Israeli Authorities want truly to give a hand to Christian citizens as they claim, there are so many issues waiting for an answer, but kept aside with a kind of “contempt”. Netanyahu, disdained so far to meet with any of the Heads of Churches nor had he replied to their strong condemning position right after Holy Saturday disrupted celebrations by the Israeli police in Jerusalem this past Easter Instead of announcing the establishment of an Army drafting forum, Netanyahu, should have thought of establishing an interreligious forum managing access to worship in Jerusalem, where he could answer to the US report on freedom of religion, that specifically pin points Israel’s discriminatory policies in Jerusalem.

A last conclusion, on the drafting of Christian Arabs in the Israeli army: what would be their “remuneration” one day for their “loyalty”? would it be similar to the “remuneration” of loyal Bedouins? More confiscation of lands and demolition of houses, as already so frequently done in the Occupied Territories?

his is one example where Israel is using some manipulated figures within the Palestinians to draw another picture for the world  …  they became so haunted with the idea of loyalty to the state that when they find an unknown person who can say something on their behalf and in their interest, they make news of him or her.  Examples of similar news exist and I will not post or publish any.

One last word and I know you have heard it from me many times…

No to a Jewish state… because all their discrimination will become legal then!!!

By : Yusef Daher

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