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Archbishop of Sebastia: Those, who set fire to churches in Egypt also destroy Syria

The Archbishop of Sebastia from the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Theodosios (Atallah Hanna) of Sebastia, made several statements about the current violence and chaos in Egypt as well as about the Syrian conflict and the gruesome deeds of the Takfiri groups in both Arab states in a meeting with figures from the occupied area of Jerusalem (al-Quds).

Theodosios (Atallah Hanna) of Sebastia is the Archbishop of Sebastia (Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem) and the second Palestinian who holds this position of Archbishop since the establishment of this diocese in Jerusalem. Theodosios (Hanna) of Sebastia was born in 1965 and ordained in December 2005 at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. It is certain that the Greek Orthodox Archbishop has a profound insight in the current events in Egypt, Syria and other Arab nations.

According to the statements by the Archbishop of Sebastia from the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem at his meeting with several figures from the occupied Jerusalem (al-Quds), the enemies of Syria want to bring it back to an era of ignorance, and thus, the enemies of the Arab nation want to bring Syria back to the Dark Ages. This expression with respect to the events in Syria have not been used for the first time.

The Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Sebastia, Archbishop Atallah Hanna, further said that the “inhuman terrorists” of the enemies of Syria aim to devastate the Arab communities and to destroy the values of the national unity and religious fraternity on Syrian soil.

The Archbishop of Sebastia, Theodosios (Atallah Hanna) of Sebastia, also said that the enemies behind the violent events in Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Lebanon want to destroy the secularity in the Arab communities and to implement a cruel sectarian hatred between the religions.

The Archbishop of Sebastia also stressed that those who set fire to all the churches in Egypt are the same sides that want to ruin and destroy the Syrian nation. He pointed out that these violent sides and their backers have no problem with attacks on sanctuaries and clergymen in Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and other Arab nations, because they aim to destroy the Arab communities and to destabilize the Middle East.

Theodosios (Atallah Hanna) of Sebastia clarified that the recent car bomb attack in a suburb of the Lebanese capital Beirut is also a part of the gruesome conspiracy against the Arab countries and the Middle East as a whole. He also pointed out that this latest terrorist bombing in a bastion of Hezbollah (Lebanese resistance movement) in the capital Beirut is a part of their aims to destroy the unity in the Arab countries and to instigate terrorism and violence between the religions in these Arab nations.

Those who set fire to churches in Egypt are the same sides that want to destroy Syria.

According to the Archbishop of Sebastia, Theodosios (Atallah Hanna) of Sebastia, the enemies of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt want these countries to be in a dismemberment with the aim to implement their imperialist and colonist policies.

Although the Archbishop of Sebastia spoke at this meeting with figures from the occupied Jerusalem (al-Quds) mainly about the conflict and war in Syria and the aims of the imperialists and Takfiri terrorists in the Arab nation, it is clear that the same sides are also behind the bloodshed and violence in Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt.

Theodosios (Atallah Hanna) of Sebastia also said that they hope that the Arab communities will become mature and reject every fanaticism. They also shall reject violence and “the killing under the title of religions.” The Archbishop further stated that they hope that Syria will succeed in the confrontation with the systematic terrorism that is practiced against it.

He finally considered the violent events in the region as events, which are aimed on a distraction – the compass shall turn away from Palestine. However, the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah as well as many Syrians will never turn away their focus from Palestine and the illegal occupation by the regime in Tel Aviv.

This article was originally published in Syria News www.syrianews.cc

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