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Molotov Grenade Thrown at Beit Jemal Monastery

BEIT JEMAL – Molotov grenade  was tossed against the Catholic Monastery in Beit Jemal, close to Beit Shemesh (house of the  Sisters of Bethlehem) during the night of August 19/20. There were no injuries. Furthermore, the word “retaliation” and threats to death “Death to Goyim” were painted in Hebrew on the outer wall of the Monastery. On Wednesday August 21, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, His Beatitude Fouad Twal, visited the site and condemned the act.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs published the following communiqué in the name of France:

Presse Release on August 22, 2013

“During the night of August 19/20, a Molotov grenade was tossed against one  of the entrance gates of the Monastery in Beit Jemal, located in Israel.  France  firmly condemns this act of vandalism, targeting a place of worship and peace. France expresses its full solidarity with the community of the sisters.  We are very concerned by the  mounting  acts of vandalism and intolerance against the religious buildings.

“France calls on the Israeli authorities to shed light to these serious acts and to bring the responsible parties to justice.

“ Our Consul General in France immediately went to the site. “

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By: Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem (LPJ.org)

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