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Message to Bishop Laham on Situation in the Middle East

Middle East Below is a message sent to Bishop Maroun Laham by Bishop Claude Rault of Laghouat-Ghardaia (Algeria) on August 30, 2013 regarding the current situation in the Middle East.

Most Rev. Maroun Laham
Latin Patriarchal Vicar
Amman, Jordan

Dear Brother and Friend,

As the drama that immerses Syria in violence and fratricidal war, and considering its impact in your country, churches and Muslim communities in the region, I would like to assure you of our deep solidarity, expressed by our prayer and fraternal ties that unite us.

The churches and the people of Jordan have widely opened their doors and their hearts to the thousands of Syrian refugees at a great cost and sacrifice, welcoming the Syrians regardless of religious affiliation and their own poverty. You have particularly contributed to this hospitality, by encouraging and requesting your Christian community to be generous and welcoming.

From the recent visit of King Abdullah II to Pope Francis, emerged, according to a statement from the Vatican, that the “path of dialogue and  negotiation among the various components of the Syrian society, with the support of the international community, is the only option for ending the conflict and acts of violence,  that everyday cause the loss of so many human lives, especially among defenseless people”

You have just made it known  through media channels that any foreign military intervention would be a disaster,  the worst for Syria, which could trigger a war that extends beyond the boundaries of this country. You continue to emphasize  with strength and conviction that violence and repression can never be a solution for the settlement of a dramatic conflict.

The Church of North Africa,  through the Archbishop of Tunis and the Bishop of Constantine, led Christians in days of prayer, fasting and solidarity towards  a peaceful accord and settlement of the conflict.  This call was widely heard.

We are aware that the cause of these acts of violence go beyond the frontiers of a  violence-stricken country.  Even if we are deprived of human means, we add our voices and our prayer to yours and all peacemakers who are working tirelessly in Syria and elsewhere to bring about reconciliation and healing. .

On behalf of the Diocesan community, I assure you of our profound solidarity and heartfelt prayers. May the Prince of Peace hasten the day when Justice and Peace shall embrace this blessed Land of God.

In fraternal communion

+Claude Rault

Bishop of Laghouat-Ghardaia (Algeria)

By: Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem (LPJ)

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