“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

One Family’s Story


Housing Rehabilitation Program 2013

The Karim’s family lives in Beit Sahour in a 2 bedroom- 2 bathroom home, which includes a sitting area and kitchen. Their home is in a poor and unhealthy living condition. The furniture is ragged, old and dated, and the kitchen is unsanitary and unhealthy.  The bathroom has a very bad smell, and it is clear that they have problem in the sewage system. The kitchen and bathroom tiles need to be replaced and repaired, and the entire home needs to be painted. The Karim’s family has come to HCEF to request our help in repairing the sewage system, the bathroom, the humidity in the walls, and painting their home.


St. Camillus Parish

Silver spring, Maryland

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One Family’s Story!


Karim’s Family

“HCEF fulfilled my dreams of repairing my house, my dream come true.” -Karim


Family Members:

Karim:            Husband, born 1954, worker, unhealthy

Habibeh          Wife, born 1957 housewife, unhealthy

Khader:          Son, born 1989, worker, healthy

Elia:                Son, born 1990, worker, healthy

One Family’s Story

Karim, the head of the family, is hard working, and has spent his life working in construction and raising his children.  Now, at sixty years old he is still working very hard to support his family.

He builds and repairs buildings for others, however, he does not earn enough to make repairs to his own home.  He is willing to help others in the repair of their homes, and sometimes even getting out there and helping them to complete the repairs.

Kashim’s children, Kahder and Elia, also work hard. Their income is not regular as it depends on the work request. Essentially, their income is minimal, and although it helps support the family, it barely covers the basic needs of the family. Additionally, they have high medical expenses, which must be paid.

Karim’s wife Habibeh is frequently ill, as she suffers with high cholesterol and osteoporosis. She has hearing loss due to the auditory nerves, which also needs medical attention, but because of the lack of finances she is unable to get the medical attention needed, and thus neglects her health.

Originally, there were 8 members of the household but four of the children are married.  Unfortunately, because of the poor economic conditions they are not able to help their parent’s with financial support.  As Karim is growing older he feels overwhelmed, abandoned and neglected and suffers from depression.

Following our initial, visit HCEF particularly noted the mold and sewage problem. As a tangible social case, HCEF chose to support this family by painting the house and repairing the sewage problem. The start date of execution was May 20, 2013 and the end date was on June 5, 2013. This particular HRP project created job opportunities for 8 workers and 4 Suppliers and Subcontractors.

Once the work was completed, Karim said “I always try my best to support others- either from my time and my effort, even though my condition is bad and my situation is dire. My family and I are grateful to HCEF for having a program that helps us, and helps us to help ourselves, like I try and help others.  You cannot imagine the tears and feelings my wife and I felt when the project was finished, and to be honest with you, I cannot find any words to express my deep appreciation and thanks for what HCEF has done for my family and me.”




                       Old Wooden Door                        Humidity on all Walls


                      New Wooden Door                       Walls Treated for Humidity



Humidity covers the walls and ceiling, creating a bad smell and an unhealthy sitting area.


Walls treated for humidity and painted, creating a more enjoyable sitting room.





Walls treated for humidity and painted





The unhealthy bathroom with bad sewage pipes and unsanitary fixtures is replaced with new tiles, fixtures mechanical and electrical installations, aluminum windows and painting

The support of friends and partners like the family of St. Camillus is significant in the HCEF Mission to ameliorate the living conditions of the Christians in the Holy Land by “replacing despair with hope, fear with human security and humiliation with human dignity.”

On behalf of the Christians of the Holy Land and the Karim’s Family, we thank the St. Camillus Family for your support of the Housing Rehabilitation Program. 


Together, We Make A Difference!

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