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KTH Appeal to Parents

Dear Parents of KTH Alumni,

Hello on behalf of the young Palestinians of the Diaspora! We are alumni who participated in a journey to Palestine through the “Know Thy Heritage” (KTH) Leadership Program. Our lives were positively changed as a result of visiting our beloved country. We learned a great deal about our heritage and our people, and we have been inspired and fired up to work for Palestine, just like your sons and daughters.

There are an estimated 7 million Palestinians in the Diaspora yearning to know their homeland. Over the last three years, KTH has made this dream a reality for 110 of us. We are writing to ask for your help in order to send more Palestinian youth in the diaspora to Palestine. We are asking the parents of each individual alumnus who has been privileged to participate in KTH to sponsor this program by donating and/or raising a minimum of $1,000 by May 2014. Our goal is to raise $110,000 by May of 2014 in order to continue this program and to add another 40 Palestinian youth to our KTH family.

You know from your child that KTH is a life-changing and unforgettable experience. However, KTH goes far beyond a handful of memories. It is transforming a worldwide community, and strengthening our Palestinian nation. KTH trains leaders for Palestine who are making their voices heard all over the world, taking the Palestinian culture, spirit and cause back with them. With alumni from the US, Canada, Guatemala, El Salvador, Chile, the UK, France, and Australia, there is nothing stopping us from doing great things for Palestine!

One thing we can all agree upon is that Palestine is a truly unique and beautiful country. What made this experience so unforgettable for us, however, was the people with whom we connected. From meeting family members for the first time and befriending the youth of Palestine, to hearing from highly esteemed and respected individuals and spending time with the children of the refugee camps, the relationships established on this trip will forever remain impressed upon our hearts.

If you could kindly spare 10 minutes of your time and watch the KTH video (click here), we are certain that you’ll fully understand where we’re coming from. By helping other Palestinian youth return to Palestine, you’ll also receive a customized KTH Key to Palestine for every $1,000 raised. We highly encourage you to reach out to us with any questions. There are many different ways to raise money and we are willing to help. If you need support, suggestions, or resources to begin a fundraiser, please contact Waleed Haleem at 18haleem@cardinalmail.cua.edu, or Ronia Dubbaneh at rdubbaneh@hcef.org or by phone at 301 951 9400, ext 210.

To make your donation, please complete and return the attached form. You can make your donation online, or even set up a payment plan, by clicking here.

Thank you for your generosity and support for Palestine! Your work and your funds are defeating the ideology that “the old will die and the young will forget.” You are contributing to the growth and enablement of Palestinian youth from across the world to connect with their heritage and make a difference in the land of their ancestors. We cannot do this without you!


Best regards,

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