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Supreme Court Issues a Preliminary Order: “Why Were No Alternative Paths for the Fence in the Area Considered?”

altYesterday, the Supreme Court of Israel asked the State Attorney to justify until 10/4/2014 why not to alter the route in Cremisan and why they insist to construct on the suggest route. Further the court asks for a statement why it shouldn’t cancel the decision of last year which was given by Special Appeals Committee in Tel Aviv. This would mean that the wall could be constructed also for example on the route the Council of Peace and Security suggested. Until the State responds all work has to be stopped. The court asked the Ministry of Defense and the Commander of the West Bank to cancel the seizure orders issued in Cremisan.

“The case is not over, until a final ruling is given. The court’s decision is an indication that it is not inclined to adopt the State’s position. We definitely have new hope – the answer of the court is a good sign” explains Advocate Zvi Avni, lawyer of St. Yves representing the Salesian Convent and School. The Supreme Court set a new hearing for 30/7/2014 to discuss the requested answer of the State and the responses to it of the people of Cremisan.

The valley of Cremisan will be cut off from the community as soon as the separation wall will be constructed as planned by the Israeli authorities. 58 mainly Christian families and a Salesian convent will lose their lands; the convent, which is running a school, will be situated in a military area and will be separated from their neighboring monastery.

About a year ago, on 24th of April, the Israeli Special Appeals Committee for land seizure under emergency law had released its verdict in favor of the State for a route which cuts off the valley from Beit Jala and separates the Salesian Convent from the Salesian Monastery. In a Supreme Court hearing on Wednesday, 29 of January, the Council of Peace and Security, an association of high ranking Israeli security personnel, had stated in an expert opinion that an alternative route below the illegal settlement of Gilo would cause much less harm for the community. At the same time it would serve Israeli security needs in a better way.

By: Society of Saint Yves

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