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HCEF President Meets with the Municipalities’ Youth Councils & the Palestinian Legislative Youth Councils

altBethlehem, Palestine- HCEF president Sir Rateb Rabie met with the Youth Council & Legislative Council on Thursday 13th February at HCEF offices. The meeting dealt with the preparation for Know Thy Heritage (KTH) 2014, and ways to establish connections between the Palestinian Diaspora and local Palestinian Youth. Meeting attendees also discussed ways they could exchange ideas with the Diaspora Youth.

The meeting covered many major issues to assist Palestinian Youth in participating more in KTH, particularly in the annual conference that takes place during the KTH visit to Palestine.

Sir Rateb Rabie discussed the importance of the youth council and legislative council in making workshops for the KTH delegates. These workshops are essential to raising KTH delegates’ awareness about every city in Palestine and the heritage and culture of each city.

At the end of the meeting Sir Rateb Rabie emphasized the importance of the KTH Program in developing the leadership ability of youth in the Diaspora and the KTH delegates’ role as Palestinian youth ambassadors.

The Participants:

Ø  Sir Rateb Rabie- HCEF President/ CEO.

Ø  Eng. Anthony Habash- Regional Director.

Ø  Marina Mukarker- KTH Coordinator.

Ø  Leena Al- Hammori- KTH Coordinator in Hebron Area.

Ø  Kefah Harb- legislative council Nablus.

Ø  Georgette Risqallah- legislative council Beit Jala.

Ø  Yazan Zbaidi-  legislative council Bethlehem.

Ø  Amer Khair- Youth council Beit Sahour.

Ø  Amjad Al- Hayek- KTH Coordinator & legislative Council in Bethlehem.

Ø  Jeries Al- Asi- Youth Council Taybeh.

Ø  Mikael Judeh- Youth Council Taybeh.

Ø  Yazan Ghrouf- Youth Council Jericho.

Ø  Ahmad Awwad- Youth Council Birziet.

Ø  Nicola Kawas-  legislative council Bethlehem.


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