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Assault On Latin Affiliated Monastery In Gaza

altAt midnight on the 25th of February 2014, an unknown group of people attacked a Latin affiliated monastery in Gaza, spraying graffiti condemning Christians and setting a tire on fire near the premises. The next morning, authorities investigated the scene and declared the attack obscene and immoral, and that this attack was not directed from any government or other official group. The authorities promised to work towards ending such attacks in the future.

When we called the Heads of Churches in Jerusalem, the Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal insisted that he, and others, would not be intimidated by such attacks. The church will continue performing its duty, which is to serve all in need, whether they are Christians or Muslims.

The National Coalition of Christian Organizations in Palestine encourages political leaders of Gaza and all of Palestine to be cautious, and to be strong in their opposition to such attacks and the people responsible. The perpetrators of such attacks are taking advantage of the general unrest in the Middle East and a perceived vulnerability among Christian Arabs. The Church must stand strong with political leaders and show that this vulnerability is false, especially among Palestinians who ought to stand together despite differences in creed.

Article By: The National Coalition of Christian Organizations in Palestine.

Translated to English By: HCEF.

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