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Caritas Jerusalem Resolves Water Emergencies in Two Palestinian Cities

altRamallah – The problems in the management of water resources in the Palestinian Territories in different forms penalize the lives of the local population. The general scarcity of water is accompanied by paradoxical situations in which the territorial configuration causes flooding problems in case of rain.

Two completed projects by Caritas Jerusalem in recent weeks have addressed and resolved in a few months emergencies that weighed heavily on the daily life of the inhabitants of two Palestinian cities. This was reported by official sources of Caritas Jerusalem.

The town of Ain Arik, less than six kilometers from Ramallah, has always suffered from a shortage of water supply and the impossibility of finding water which was not contaminated.

For this reason the department of Caritas Jerusalem for food safety built two water tanks in the city by connecting them to an extensive irrigation system. The work, which began in June 2013, was completed in 7 months of work. The construction work also offered employment to at least 13 young unemployed. The “project” refers enthusiastically Fr. Raed Abusahlia, Director General of Caritas Jerusalem “will turn Ain Arik into a little paradise. Our dream is to extend this productive work to other villages”.

Whereas the problems in the Palestinian city of Zababdeh, in the northern part of the West Bank, regard the absence of a proper drainage which causes widespread flooding, damage to property and the daily lives of residents. In this case, Caritas Jerusalem with the support of Caritas Belgium contributed to installing a drainage system that allows to protect large areas in the southern part of the village from flooding. In just two months, the lives of nearly 600 of 3 thousand inhabitants of Zababdeh has significantly improved.

By: Agenzia Fides

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