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President Mahmoud Abbas Meets Palestinian American Community and Visits the PLO Delegation in Washington

altOn the afternoon of Tuesday March 18, President Mahmoud Abbas visited the offices of the General Delegation of the PLO Delegation to the United States. The President was greeted at the PLO Delegation office by Ambassador Maen Rashid Areikat and the Delegation staff concluding his trip to the United States.

On Monday March 17, President Abbas met with Palestinian American community leaders, business leaders, and heads of national organizations including the Council on American Islamic Affairs (CAIR), the Holy Land Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF), the United Holy Land Fund, United Palestinian Appeal (UPA), and the Arab American Institute (AAI).

Among the distinguished guests were representatives from 10 participating community organizations in the Coalition of Palestinian American Organizations, which was initiated in October of last year to unite the efforts of these groups on the American arena. The organizations encompassed the Ramallah Federation, Beitin, Bethlehem, Beitunia, Deir Debwan, El Bireh, Kahlil El-Rahman, Lifta, Turmosaya, and Taybeh.

The representatives of the coalition presented a letter to President Abbas expressing support for his efforts to reach a just and lasting peace that guarantees the rights and dignity of the Palestinian people and the establishment of an independent sovereign State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital.

During the meeting, President Abbas briefed the community leaders on the ongoing political developments. Additionally, the President listened to a brief on the activities of the Palestinian American community in the US and their efforts to influence the American society at large and American policy-makers. President Abbas also received an invitation to the annual convention of the American Federation of Ramallah Palestine scheduled to take place in Ramallah this coming June.

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