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Dr. Ashrawi: “The Situation in Gaza is Nothing Short of a Deliberate Massacre”

“There is an urgent need for all countries to take their responsibilities seriously and intervene to save lives and to curb Israeli violations and war crimes.  The situation in Gaza is nothing short of a deliberate massacre.”
These comments came during a meeting PLO Executive Committee member, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, had with British Consul General, Dr. Alastair McPhail, at the PLO Headquarters in Ramallah.
Dr. Ashrawi briefed Dr. McPhail on the latest Palestinian political developments,

Israel’s deliberate targeting, shelling and bombing of a captive and defenseless civilian population under siege, the drastic conditions in Gaza, and Palestinian reconciliation efforts.
“Israel has been practicing state terrorism which resulted in the killing of at least 410 Palestinians and the injury of over 3,500 Palestinians in Gaza, many of whom include scores of children, women and the elderly.  Blatant war crimes are being committed before the eyes of the entire international community, and yet Israel is still given the means to malign an entire nation and persist with its war crimes against the Palestinian people.”
“The right to life, freedom and justice are fundamental rights, and we call on all members of the international community and people of conscience to stand up to Israel and put an end to the bloodshed and loss of innocent lives,” concluded Dr. Ashrawi.
Photo Source: Saeb Press
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