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The Palestinian Christian Community in Gaza Strip

altThe Young Men’s Christian Association in Gaza has prepared a major study on the Christian community in Gaza, the “Survey of the Christian Community of Gaza Strip,” co-financed by the Pontifical Mission – Jerusalem and Embrace the Middle East, UK. This survey gives an insight into the demographics, socio-economic status, and general situation of Christians in the Gaza Strip.

According to Chair of YMCA Gaza, Suheil Tarazi, “The wider objective of this report is to provide factual information on Palestinian Christians in Gaza. Hopefully, it would form a better understanding to enlist help to meet the actual needs of the Christian community to enhance their presence and steadfastness in their homeland. This community has been surviving under a difficult and critical political, economic, and social situation.”

Preparation for this survey began a year ago on June, 2013. In March 2014, a survey coordinatior and 20 trained young men and women from the YMCA conducted visits to 390 households in 20 days. The fruits of these labors are present in the completion of the survey.

Once the situation in Gaza stabilizes, the Pontifical Mission – Jerusalem will use this survey to create a comprehensive action plan to sustain and aid the Christian institutions and community in Gaza. To read the survey in English please click here, to read it in Arabic please click here

Source: pontificalmission-jerusalem.org

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