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Gaza Situation Update – How will Gaza Cope Now?

Millions of people on both sides of the Gaza border are breathing a little easier this morning as the latest 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire has been extended for an additional 5 days. Intense negotiations will continue in the coming days to reach a permanent ceasefire which may lead to the lifting of the blockade and the beginning to rebuild Gaza. In turn, it will hopefully lead to a resumption of serious peace negotiations to resolve the core issues of this never-ending cycle of violence and an end to the occupation. Let us all keep praying that despite the loss of innocent lives and destruction that some good will eventually come out of this.

Our local partners in Gaza have said that it was only during the last few days that people have begun to leave their homes and examine the colossal damage caused to this tiny strip. Their worry during the war was their personal safety and whether their homes and institutions will be shelled.
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