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Crisis Meeting Apostolic Nuncios of the Middle East at the Vatican

altVATICAN CITY – An important meeting is scheduled at the Vatican from October 2-4, 2014, which brings together some Vatican apostolic nuncios, Pope Francis and several senior members of the Curia and the Vatican Secretariat of State.

Seven apostolic nuncios are expected on Thursday, October 2, 2014 at the Vatican. They come from countries affected by the current crisis linked to the emergence of the Islamic State (IS). They are representatives of the Vatican in the Holy Land (Israel and Palestine), Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq, Lebanon, and Iran.

A meeting is scheduled with Pope Francis, but most of the activities will take place in the presence of Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State, Archbishop Becciu, Substitute of the Secretary of State, and Archbishop Mamberti Camilleri, both of whom are respectively secretary and under-secretary for the Holy See’s relations with States. The presence of representatives of the Holy See to the United Nations in New York and Geneva also shows a willingness on the part of the Church to be at the forefront of the diplomatic networks that are active in finding a solution to the crisis.

Meetings with officials from six major Congregations suggest that at the heart of discussions, an assessment of the material and human toll will be made to try to determine the losses suffered by the Christians expelled from Iraq and Syria. An assessment of the number and location of the Christians who stayed behind and who live under the threat of a murderous assault of the IS may be also established, precisely to provide the best possible support.

It is likely that dialogue with Muslims and support of migrants and refugees will also be be discussed.

Following this meeting, the nuncios will be responsible for renewing the support of the Holy See to the Christian minority, to seek with leaders of local church the best ways out of the crisis, and possibly to approach governments with a renewed call to remain strong in the face of the threat of Islamism and to protect at all costs those Christians present on their land for two millennia.

By: Pierre Loup de Raucourt- LPJ

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