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Bishop Munib Younan Receives 2014 Civis Mundi Award

altWATERLOO, CANADA – On Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014, Bishop Munib Younan was awarded the 2014 Civis Muni Award for Global Citizenship by the Waterloo Lutheran Seminary in Waterloo, Canada.  The award is being presented to Bishop Younan for his dedication to bringing peace to the Middle East.  The award is given to those who embody global citizenship and who tirelessly work towards peace, justice, and integrity.  The award is in recognition of Bishop Younan’s efforts through both the ELCJHL and the global Lutheran communion to bring peace based on justice to the Middle East.


[the award] tells us, ‘Don’t grow tired. Continue your good work to bring peace based on justice, to combat any types of extremism, and to continue to strengthen Christians in this county,”’ Younan said before the event.

Bishop Younan is an international religious leader who has dedicated his life and ministry to building bridges across the borders of separation,” said David Pfrimmer, Principal-Dean of Waterloo Lutheran Seminary. “It is an honour for us to be able recognize him and the challenge to follow his example.”

Mabrouk and Congratulations to Bishop Munib Younan on the 2014 Civis Muni Award!

Watch Bishop Younan receive the 2014 Civis Mundi Award here.

To read Bishop Younan’s acceptance speech, you can download it here (Word).


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