“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Explore & Live Palestine with Young Palestinians from Around the World! July 21-August 7, 2015

altA Once-in-a-Lifetime opportunity is available for new applicants to join the Know Thy Heritage – Leadership Program 

Explore & Live Palestine!

July 21-August 7, 2015

Join your Palestinian peers from the Diaspora around the world on a homecoming journey! We look forward to welcoming more young men and women from Chile, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Canada, Italy, Spain, Jordan, the UAE, the United States and Australia to this year’s Delegation. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to visit historic Palestine with other youth!

Know Thy Heritage 2012

Watch this inspiring video to see how KTH could change your life! 


The Selection Committee will consider applications from young, highly motivated Palestinian Diaspora leaders aged 18-30. 

Don’t wait–Apply NOW for consideration! 

Send an e-mail to kth@hcef.org, indicating your name, phone number, address, date of birth, profession, which of your parents is Palestinian,  and how you heard about KTH.

  • Travel with Palestinians from all around the world.
  • Learn from civic, business and religious leaders, and policy makers within the Palestinian community.
  • Explore various business and technological initiatives.
  • Visit Palestinian universities and youth centers.
  • Tour museums and cultural institutions.
  • Attend folkloric and cultural nights.
  • Worship in the Holy Places and explore their importance.
  • Visit many different cities of Palestine.
  • Interact with Palestinian Youth Councils.
  • Spend a night with a local Palestinian family.

Read what alumni said about their experience:

KTH 2014

“This trip was really special for me. I wanted a different perspective but it was so much more than that. I learned so much about Palestine in general. If you just go with your family it’s not the same. It was heartbreaking to see Palestine under occupation. I am going to push a lot to help Palestine become free.” – Maher Almasri, Ohio

KTH 2014

“I was searching for my family here and it was so difficult because I didn’t have addresses or phone numbers. We lost communication during the Second Intifada. But I finally found them. And when I met them for the first time I cried a lot because it had always been my dream to find them. I never imagined it would come true. I am so grateful because this program has changed my life. I am Chilean, but my blood and heart are Palestinian.”   – Nayive Ananias, Chile

KTH 2014

“I saw that there is this huge connection with the land I think that says something very powerful about Palestinians in the Diaspora. Palestine isn’t just a land. It’s not just politics. It’s a people. It is all of you. I am leaving hopeful, knowing that you all are in the Diaspora. Hearing everyone speak, seeing how you are all so willing to jump in and fund-raise makes me feel very humbled.”  – Yasmeen Serhan,  California

KTH 2014

“My home was Jaffa.  I felt connection to that. No matter what it ends up being. Going into Jaffa on this trip was a very different experience than I had expected. The city had been changed so much. But I recognized home is not a place at all…our culture is our home. That is what I discovered here.”  – Siham  Inshassi,  New York

  KTH 2014

“I am going to put my heart in KTH not only for my grandfather and family, but for all of you, and especially for the Palestinian community here who truly do need us. They need the world to know the truth. Not knowing about the situation is more shocking for me. I know everyone of us has a lot of things to do when we go back, but what we have to do is build a connection between the countries we live in and the areas we are from in Palestine. We will reveal the truth for Palestine.”  – Carmen Maria Miselem Romero, Honduras

KTH 2014

“There is always a bit of sadness and a bit of pride in what we do as Palestinians. We share a bond in our confusion and in our identity. When people asked where I am from, I would say Jordan or Australia. But now I am no longer afraid of saying that I am from Palestine. Throughout our journey I have cemented that confidence. Whether we like it or not, this struggle and this place is part of our identity.”  – Mahmoud Shadid, Australia

  KTH 2014

I was surprised when I crossed the King Hussein Bridge and found out I am a Palestinian. I could recognize the smells, the kindness, and see that I belong here. I could recognize my face in others. I am proud of being Palestinian and I will be back. This is just the beginning. I will come back to get more of everything and to get stronger so I can fight for our cause. I truly love Palestine and I will dedicate my life to my homeland. Thank you for showing me all of this and taking me on this trip.”  – Sebastián Zarhi, Chile.

For more information on this program  click  this link to visit us online, or contact the Program Coordinator for Know Thy Heritage, Bethesda, MD, United States Office at  kth@hcef.org or (301) 951-9400 ext. 219.

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