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Mass in Cremisan: Keep On Praying

altBEIT JALA: Following the publication of the statement by the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land on Friday 5 December 2014 on the case of Cremisan, Mgr Shomali went there to celebrate Mass.

Mass was celebrated in presence of Parish Priest-Administrator of Beit Jala Parish, Fr. Faysal Hijazeen, his Vicar Fr Simon Hijazeen, representatives of Beit Jala Municipality, many foreign friends who came to show their solidarity, as well as landlords of threatened lands, representatives of local and international medias.

At the end of the Mass, Bishop Shomali read the text of the statement first in Arabic, then in English. The Patriarchal Vicar then pointed out the importance of publishing the statement few days after the Israel High Court last session held on 30 November 2014. Were present at this event different consuls of friendly countries in Palestine, representatives of Beit Jala Municipality, and members of families whose lands are threatened. Mgr Shomali explained how the verdict of the Court is expected now at any moment. He also underlined the importance of continuing to work together, in order to keep up this tradition of saying Mass in the Cremisan Valley, in presence of friends and medias.

By: Waseem Kasabri- LPJ

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