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Jordanian Minister: Satirical Cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad have Nothing to do with Christianity

The activities of the terrorist Islamic State (IS) "have nothing to do with Islam, and the satirical cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad have nothing to do with Christianity, while the Zionist policies carried out by the settlers have nothing to do with the Jewish religion". 

This is what the Jordanian Minister for Religious Affairs, Hayel Dawoud said, emphasizing with an effective and striking comparison, the immense distance that separates religions and Abrahamic faiths from manipulation and violent and intolerant ideologies.
Taking part in the "Love and Forgiveness Conference", which opened in Amman on Monday, February 2 and organized by the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies in Jordan and the Salam Institute for Justice and Peace in Washington, Dawoud said that whoever renounces the concepts of tolerance and forgiveness does violate the bases and the spirit of the three heavenly religions since all religions preach forgiveness and tolerance, while the "followers of these religions who reject these concepts do themselves incur shame rather than their religion".
Academics, clerics, journalists and social workers from Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon and the United States take part in the two-day conference.


Source: Fides News

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