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Caritas Operator Dies in the Bombing in Aleppo

The operator of Caritas Syria, Safouh Al-Mosleh, was killed at noon on Tuesday, April 7, in the bombing that hit his home, located in Farhat square, where Greek-Catholic, Armenian and Maronite cathedrals are concentrated. The neighborhood, characterized by a strong Christian presence, was recently hit by heavy bombing by rebel groups who continue to fight against the regime of Assad. According to the reconstruction provided by Caritas Internationalis, Safouh Al Mosleh’s family had already been evacuated, and he had returned home to check that everything was alright when the house was hit by artillery shells. Safouh was about forty years old, and belonged to the Greek-Catholic community and had started working for Caritas more than a year ago.

According to information provided by Caritas Syria and sent to Agenzia Fides, the intensity of the conflict in the north of the Country is increasing day by day, after the jihadist militias conquered the city of Idlib, located not far from the road that links Aleppo to Damascus. Aleppo is now threatened by both the jihadists of the Islamic State and Al Nusra Front, linked to al-Qaida. So far, in that part of Syria, the two jihadist entities continue to fight each other. Even on the night between 7 and 8 April a suicide attack carried out by followers of the Islamic State hit quaidiste stations in the north of Aleppo, causing dozens of deaths, including the emir Abu Maria, linked to al Nusra Front.


Source: Fides News

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