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Patriarch Yazigi: “A Middle East Free of Christians is Pure Fantasy”

Patriarch John X Yazigi of Antioch and the entire East for Greek Orthodox Church has stressed that the Christians are a main component in Syria, as all the Syrian components are living like a family for a long time.

“We, in Syria, live like a family for a long time, and our history, future and goal for building the country are common,” Patriarch Yazigi said in an interview with the Syrian TV on May 8.

He pointed out that the Syrian people with all their components, and despite all difficulties, have proved that the ideologies of abduction and killing will not pass to their mentality.
“Those who attack churches, mosques and religious figures are attacking all sublime human values and the civilization heritage… the utter attack on our values makes us abide by our homeland,” he added.

His Beatitude said: ” We will not fear or surrender to the schemes plotted to undermine Syria,” noting that “what the Syrian people and leadership are doing for confronting terrorism is an indication to our steadfastness as Muslems and Christians.”

“We cannot talk about the Middle East without one of its main components, as talking about a Middle East free of Christians is pure fantasy, and it is the problem of some countries which have an interest in evacuating the region of Christians but not ours.”

Source: Abouna.org

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