“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

King Abdullah: “It is Wrong to Discriminate and Persecute Others”

His Majesty King Abdullah has said that violence, whether against Muslims or Christians or minority communities, is utterly condemned by Islam, and stressed that "in our world today, the vast majority of people are members of a spiritual community. Muslims and Christians alone make up more than half of humanity. We live side-by-side as fellow citizens. And yet, our global community is under threat by aggressive forces targeting religious differences."

In remarks he made at the Fifth Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions in Astana, Kazakhstan, on Thursday, June 11, the King said, "We Muslims are facing a brutal attack by outlaws, who distort our faith to try to justify monstrous crimes. Nothing treats our religion with more contempt and nothing hurts the Muslim people more than the actions of these elements. They agitate sectarianism and sedition. They mislead young people into abandoning their futures. And they franchise their violence worldwide."

The King added: "It is important for everyone to understand that these groups are only a tiny minority of the world’s Muslims, 1.5 billion good men and women. But a drop of venom can poison a well. These groups grant themselves a free hand to distort and manipulate the word of God to further their twisted agendas. No Muslim can afford to assume someone else will confront this threat. It is our fight, for the sake of our faith and our people."

Stressing that "it is our duty to fulfil the two great commandments of faith: to love God, and love our neighbor," His Majesty concluded by saying, "It is wrong to insult and disrespect God and religion. Wrong to discriminate and persecute others. Wrong to desecrate places of worship. But we are also taught what is right. Right to respect and support each other. Right to show mercy and kindness. Right to work together for the common good.''


Source: Astana-Jordan Times

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