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A Statement attributed to the Islamic State Requests the Muslims of Jerusalem to Report on the Houses of the Christians

A statement attributed to the Islamic State In Iraq and Syria congratulated the Muslim citizens of Jerusalem because of the start of the month of Ramadan and requested them to report on the Christian (Nazarene) houses to purify the Muslim quarters and neighbourhoods during the month of Ramadan. The statement reads: “To our people in Jerusalem, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria congratulates you because of the start of the holy month of Ramadan which will be a blow to the Zionist and the Arab traitors rulers including the so called Mahmud Abbas Ridda, that Baha’ii infidel who allowed the presence of the Jews and Christians in the land of Muslims.”

Our family, the Muslims, we salute your existence and resistance and ask you to report on the Christians that are dwelling in your midst who work as agents to the Zionists and the countries of the West, those who work in the embassies of different countries and associations of betrayal spreading corruption, secularism and taking the Muslims away from their religion. The people of the Islamic State know where these Christians live and we have located them, but not everybody yet. Striking forces –The violent Swords- will work on purifying the Muslim quarters from these Christians (Nazarenes) during the holy month of Ramadan, so that when El fiter feast is due, these neighbourhoods will become totally pure and sanctified We will start with the quarters of Beit Hanina, Shoufat and then to the rest of the neighbourhoods coming to the Old City and the Holy Sepulchre so that they will be purified of those who betrayed the pact of Umar, we want to say to the Christian infidels that they have to leave immediately, otherwise they will be slaughtered like sheep within the dawn of El Fiter feast. One month is more than enough for them to leave.

The statement attributed to the Islamic state concluded with the “Islamic Emirate; the Emirate of Jerusalem” Worthy to mention that this statement was distributed for the citizens of Beit Hanina, North of Jerusalem.

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Source: Linga.org


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