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Patriarch Sabbah: “To our people, do not be disturbed, do not heed the sedition”

Patriarch Emeritus of Jerusalem of the Latins Michel Sabbah said on Friday, June 26: "We are determined to keep on staying in our land. We fear nothing and we do not want protection from anybody.'' He made this statement in response to a statement issued by the Bait Al Maqdis (Jerusalem) Emirate of the Islamic State ''ISIS" which threatens to slaughter the Christians if they do not leave Jerusalem before Eid Al Fitr.

Patriarch Sabbah added:"If this were a real threat by those called ISIS, then they are welcome. But if this statement is intended to cover up for the criminal act that had taken place in the Church of Multiplication in Tabgha, then this will boomerang." He continued," To all the sons of our people, Muslims and Christians, do not be disturbed, do not heed the sedition."

The pamphlet referred to, which was posted on media networking sites, calls on Muslims in the city of Jerusalem to guide them to the houses of Christians so as to cleanse the Islamic quarters and make them totally free of Christians." The statement adds:"We will start with the Quarters of Beit Hanina, then Shu'fat, and then proceed to the other quarters until we reach the Old City of Jerusalem and the Church of Holy Sepulcher."


Source: Abouna.org

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