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The Director of Caritas Jerusalem: the block of East Jerusalem feeds anger and feelings of revenge

Jerusalem – “The imposition of Israeli checkpoints in Palestinian areas of Jerusalem represents a ‘safety measure’ that provides no security, but on the contrary increases anger and frustration, and thus feeds feelings of revenge”. This is how Father Raed Abusahliah, Director General of Caritas Jerusalem evaluates the potential negative effects of the closure of areas of East Jerusalem, where attacks by Palestinian suicide bombers in recent days have caused the deaths of several Israeli citizens. “In my opinion”, said Fr. Raed “they can impose all the blocks they want, but this will not ensure safety.

The only way to achieve security and stability for all is to restore freedom to the Palestinian people”.
The government’s new measures were approved by the security cabinet and communicated during the night. The police, with the help of army units, have been authorized to close the Palestinian neighborhoods of Jerusalem, the scene of clashes with security forces.

The escalation of violence and riots which have erupted since early October in Jerusalem, in Israel and in Palestinian Territories have so far caused the death of eight Israelis and at least 29 Palestinians.

Source: Agenzia Fides

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